About Us

Having gigged up and down the east coast for over a decade in the early 2000's, in a cover band, Erik, Andy and Ray decided they were set to make their own music.  In 2014, taking the nick name of their hometown of Royersford Pennsylvania, "Rofo" as it's known by the native residents, Rofo Audio began writing material for it's debut record, Now Broadcasting, released in 2015.  Now over 6 years later, the band has released 4 full length albums, played hundreds of shows, performed live on broadcast TV and radio stations and garnered listeners all over the world. 

Having just released their brand new album "In Veritas" featuring the brand new video/single, "Walls", it seemed like the perfect time to open up a store of their own for listeners to purchase music and the quality merchandise that up until now, was only available at live shows.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around, and please message us if you have any questions. We thank you for all the support. - Rofo Audio